Top 3 Disappointments of 2017 So Far

Today, we are going to go through the list of movies I feel most disappointed this year, because they either didn’t live up to expectations, flopped in the box office, or weren’t the movie they were advertised to be.
First up on this list, and the 3rd biggest disappointment of 2017 so far is The Emoji Movie. Now, I know that The Emoji Movie wasn’t expected to be a great — or even a good movie by any means, but it was definitely not expected to be as bad as it was.  
I thought it would be a perfectly serviceable movie to kids, meaning that kids would enjoy it while parents and adults didn’t. But when all the kids in the theater are bored, sleeping, or super fidgety and asking their parents if it’s almost over, the movie has failed astronomically.
That is why The Emoji Movie disappointed and received nothing more than a poop emoji rating.
The second biggest disappointment of the year is Cars 3.  
Now, Cars 3 is a fine movie, but it feels like 3 entirely different stories got mashed into one movie with varying tones that don’t have transitions in between. That made the final movie more confusing than it needed to be and feel like it had more than one or two directors working together.  
The vision for Cars 3 seemed unfocused and the result was a movie that was not the movie advertised. If the whole movie had been in the same intense, somber, gritty tone the first teaser trailer was, it would have been so much better and not been as jarring of a movie. Cars 3 had everything it needed to be the best Cars movie, but it ended up falling short in the end. At least it was better than Cars 2.
The final and biggest disappointment of 2017 so far in film is the movie The Mummy.The Mummy was supposed to be a reboot to a series that would launch Universal Studio’s Dark Universe, a shared movie universe with the different movie monsters they own the rights to.
Instead, it could turn out to be the movie that causes another reboot of the series as, domestically, it only earned back $80 million of its $125 million budget. I personally was kind of excited for this movie, but the moment the first trailer dropped without any music and with bad, obviously re-recorded yells, screams, and dialogue, I knew it would be a movie that was rushed and any excitement for it was crushed.  
In the end, it wasn’t a good movie and disappointed on all fronts.
To recap, the biggest disappointments of 2017 so far are: The Emoji MovieCars 3, and The Mummy.

Story by Austin Clemen & Caelan Markstrom

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