USF’s 23rd Presidential Inauguration

On September 7, 2017, the University and the Sioux Falls community welcomed the twenty-third president, Dr. Brett Bradfield. It has been twenty years since the University of Sioux Falls has inaugurated a President.

Among the eleven guest speakers, the Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Joy Lind had the honor of leading the Community Affirmation.

“Certainly, I was very honored. I think so highly of Dr. Bradfield. I had the pleasure of working for him as an Assistant to the Provost. He was the Provost, and I was the Math Professor. And so when I was asked to become the Vice President of Academic Affairs, I was honored by the appointment. And certainly I have been looking forward to working with him in this new capacity,” Lind says.

As a part of week’s events, more than 350 faculty, staff and students participated in a Day of Service. The University of Sioux Falls partnered with seven local, non-profit organizations including: Alpha Center, Lutheran Social Services, SIMBA Educational Ministries, Avera Children’s Hospital, Operation Gratitude, Children’s Inn and The Banquet.

The University’s Dean of Chapel Dennis Thum also had the opportunity to speak at the event.

“We had a great opportunity to celebrate our identity as a Christian school, with a mission of culture for service. It felt good to do it in that kind of spirit, and it was very unpretentious, yet it was very organized and dignified,” Thum says.

As the University of Sioux Falls continues its 134th academic school year, we look forward to excelling under Dr. Bradfield’s leadership.

Story by Marissa Lute | Video edited by Jessica Perez & Shelby Kinney

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