Art-tasic USF Seniors

Two USF artists showed off all the hard work they’ve done this school year. USF seniors Larissa Johnson and Tanner Wangsness hosted their final art receptions last Thursday. The art in the two receptions both had specific themes and were created over the past school year.

“Well the inspiration for my art-work kind of spurned from, like all the Netflix movies I’ve been watching lately. Just talking about love, the different aspects of it,” says USF senior artist Larissa Johnson.

USF Gallery Director Jeff Ballard says that art receptions, along with being a final capstone grade, are meant to provide a good platform for art students to display their art. Both artists used this platform to display art inspired from aspects of their lives.

“I got to combine a couple of my loves. I love doing graphic design work; I love photography; and I love cars,” says USF senior artist Tanner Wangsness.

The two artists will be graduating this spring and say they will miss being art students at USF.

“The challenge between my peers and colleagues and teachers has forced me to grow,” says Johnson.

Both art collections will be up until May 20th. Johnson’s is in the Mears Library and Wangsness’ is in the lower level of the Jeschke Fine Arts Center. USF students are encouraged to view this art and attend art receptions in the future.

Story by Zachary Brown

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