USF Silent Library

This week USF students took part in a brand new event on campus called Silent Library. Based off an original MTV series comedy, this event was held in the Jones Theatre.

“The original show had one team of six members and they earned money based off of how quiet they were while completing and various ridiculous challenges,” says Jade Roozenboom director of the event.

USF Silent Library consisted of two teams of six members. They completed different challenges and tried to be as quiet as possible at the same time. There were three judges that witnessed each challenge. The team that won the most challenges took home first place.

“I had a lot of fun, I found it a lot more enjoyable that I was with my friends. I find the fact that we had to be silent funny because I couldn’t stop laughing and I was with friends that made it a lot more fun,” says Travis Dinius a participant in the event.

The game brought in a small crowd but had a big impact on the audience.

Story by Adria Botella & Theodore Frid

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