USF Football Players Connect Through Faith

Story by Whitney Fryer, Justin Fulks, & Westly Johnson

The USF football team is bonding over more than just their shared love for the game. Members of the team came together to create a weekly Bible study group in order to share their faith and reflect on their personal lives.

“Faith is a big part of my life and a big part of many people’s lives, so why not incorporate it into another big part of our lives, football,” said Matthew Young.

The Bible study group allows individuals to connect on a more personal level with their fellow teammates explained Young, which is difficult to do on the field.

Another important aspect of the group is it allows each individual the opportunity to express themselves and share their opinions “It’s just great to get people from other backgrounds, it help us grow as Christians, as people, and as a team,” said Cameron Ostrom.

Although the group was created on a whim, it has gained popularity among players this year. “Last year we had a Bible study, [but] there were only five or six of us,” said person Ostrom. However, this year at least twenty people have attended each session.

The group came about when a few of the players were brought together by the idea of growing their faith. “We just picked a night and a few [Bible] chapters to look into and it’s been working out ever since,” said Ostrom.

However, this has not stopped the players from deeply reflecting upon their own lives and searching for how they can best live their lives’ through Jesus Christ.





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