Call To Freedom

Story by Amy Elston

As Cougaret 2: Night At The Movies hit the stage last Friday, multiple acts appeared on stage all for the goal of winning the “big bucks” to be donated to the charity of their choice.

Rachel Polson, president of Purple Thunder, described what the night was like, “It was awesome to just see different people come together to create one awesome cohesive music and winning just made that.”

When we asked another member, Leigh Braun, why they chose Call To Freedom, she answered, “We chose Call To Freedom because it’s an awesome organization that deals with human trafficking, especially in South Dakota, who doesn’t have that much funding.

Last but not least, Rachel DeBoer, another Purple Thunder member, describes what the organization does, “They are focused on ending human trafficking and neglect. Primarily dealing with after care aspect by providing counseling services, support, and jail services.”

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