College 101: USF Upper Class-men Give Advice to Incoming Freshmen

Story by Natalie Lingenfelter

With a new year comes new students. Assistant Director of Residence Life Ashley Maturan talks about the purpose of a relatively new freshmen based class, SDV100.

Maturan says the class is to equip students with the resources on campus and by giving practical information. The class is also designed to teach students what their financial aid packet means, as Financial Literacy will be taught in the class this year.

Brooke Stetzler, USF senior, offers advice to find a good balance between school work and having fun. “In college you want to have fun but you also want to stay focused.” says Stetzler.

Fellow senior Laura Olson’s advice is to study with a partner and take a lot of notes during class.

Delontra Fields, USF senior, tells students to focus on school work, study, and to not lag behind. She also let students in on their favorite places to eat and where to get student discounts, such as Juice Stop, Wing Stop, and Pizza Rev.

Maturan’s final advice to incoming freshmen is to ask questions; college can be a scary time and the administration wants to help.

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