No Worries, Just Worship

USF has been known for the motto “Culture for Service,” and is implementing ways to “pour into” students who “pour out” constantly. USF’s Thursday Night Worship started by Campus Ministries last year has been a great way of getting the USF student community together worshiping God.

USF students congregate and fellowship in Ward Lobby as they await USF’s weekly worship. Senior Cody Bollweg says that Thursday Night Worship is a great environment to experience midweek.

“First, we just start with three songs to get into the flow of worship. Then we have a student speaker, usually a testimony, or just something that God is doing in their lives. Then we finish with some more worship. Then we have some community time afterwards, fellowship, and have some snacks,” Bollweg says.

One thing that Thursday Night Worship has become is a safe space for students to come into. Junior Elizabeth Enalls says that the evening is a place where you find community, support and God’s presence.

“God is here and we were made to be in God’s presence. If people are feeling lost or they’re feeling empty or alone, the things you don’t want to talk about, this is a place where you can come and not even say a word and experience God,” Enalls says.

Not only is this a safe space to worship, but Assistant Campus Pastor Matt Harsch says that it’s a safe place to grow as a leader.

“I get to watch freshman come in, or anyone else who wants to learn how to lead. I get to see them grow from maybe being a really shaky leader to being an absolute confident leader. (They) go out into the community and make a difference whether it be in Sioux Falls or wherever God calls them.”

With the USF student worship leaders’ passion and faith along with the community, Thursday Night Worship is sure to be a long lasting tradition at USF.

Thursday Night Worship is held at 9:00pm and is outside of Student Development or in Ward Lobby. If you would like to be involved with volunteering for worship night, contact Assistant Campus Pastor Matt Harsch.

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