Last Chance Dance

The dances at the University of Sioux Falls are a chance for students to shake off some stress and come together as a community. The last dance of the year involved many students who attended to take a break and have fun with friends.

Josiah Abraham, a member of Cougar Activities Board (CAB), was one of many individuals who help make the dances at USF possible.

“CAB is the one who planned out the date, did all of the decorations, and got everything set up for it,” Abraham says.

The purpose of the dances is to bring student together who are not afraid to express their individual dance moves, as well as to help create a sense of community.

Ellie Herman, USF sophomore, enjoys attending the USF dances. Herman uses the dances as a way to have fun without having to leave campus.

“I love the USF dances because I love going with my friends and just having a good time and it’s just a time for me to let loose,” Herman says. “You get to come as you are unless there’s a theme then you can dress as the theme like the Halloween dance you dress in a costume.”

Although this was the last dance of the year, next fall will be sure to bring other opportunities for students to show of their dance moves. Follow CAB on Twitter and like their Facebook page in order to stay up to date on all of USF events.

Story by Raymond Bright, Jessica Justin, Jessica Perez, & Tyler Riedman

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