USF’s Choir Spring Break Tour a Success

Story by Dakota Case

The USF Concert Chorale had an eventful Spring Break. On the morning of March 13th, over 50 students and their director, Dr. David DeHoogh-Kliewer, loaded a bus and started a journey that would take them through several towns and states across the Great Plains and Rockies.

“Our first stop was at South Sioux City High School,” said USF Junior Tanner Mans. “The University Singers sang, the Concert Chorale and then also Singing Camerata.”

South Sioux City wasn’t the Choir’s only stop. They also visited numerous towns across Iowa, South Dakota, Nebraska and Colorado, performing in various schools and churches along the way.

“[After performing] we would have homestays,” Mans continued. “And it was really, really fun to get to know the people that we stayed with.”

At some stops, students also took time to help out in the community. Mans had the opportunity to help out at one such location.

“What my group did was [prepare] beds in their greenhouse, so we did some manual labor,” Mans said with a smile. “It was a lot fun. Working with shovels. Working with dirt.”

It wasn’t all hard work. The students had a few days to explore while in Colorado.

“We had a couple days off, so we spent a day in Boulder, Colorado and the next day we went to Breckenridge, so it was a lot of fun. Two days enjoying the mountains.”

This wasn’t just a learning experience for USF students. They also informed prospective students of their choir program.

“This tour was really good for our admissions program,” Mans said. “From the Fine Arts standpoint, we really got our name out there.”

Mans – like most of his fellow choir members – enjoyed his Spring Break trip, but there’s no question his favorite part wasn’t just the cool souvenirs.

“It’s a trip that I’ll look back on, and I’ll enjoy the memories,” Mans said reflectively. “Ultimately, it’s the memories and the friendships I’ve built with these people. So, [the trip will] go down as another great memory in my collegiate years.”

It’s just another successful Spring Break tour in the annals of the University of Sioux Falls Choir.

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