Charlie Brown Comes to USF

Story by Benjamin Gertner

It’s the first week of March and USF’s highly anticipated musical is officially in full swing.

With four performances, “You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown” is a USF event you don’t want to miss. Hard work is paying off as students showcase their singing, dancing, and acting skills in the Meredith Auditorium. We talked with sophomore, Jada Plath, who plays the part of Lucy in the musical.

“I was told to look up facts about her on the Internet,” Plath says. “… Jaren told me right away: ‘Don’t play her like everybody else does’ which is mean and screechy and loud. And I thought that was kind of starting at square one because that’s who Lucy is.”

Plath, along with the rest of the cast, slaved away to prepare their own interpretations of the characters and the musical.

With performances March 5th-7th at 7 pm and March 8th at 2 pm in Jeskhe, both students and staff are excited to see their colleagues on the stages.

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