All That Jaz

As a college student, finding time to get a workout in can be a difficult task. Between homework, class, and trying to have a social life; time is a valuable commodity. Jaz it up is a workout program that is made to fit into your busy schedule. It is described as Zumba with a twist and it is a place where students can have fun while staying healthy.

Sophomore Jaz Davis is the choreographer and instructor for Jaz it up, and he brings his energy and excitement every Wednesday.

“Jaz it up is a more fun rendition of Zumba. In my opinion Zumba is more technical whereas with dance party fitness, you’re more free willed and willing to expand and do whatever it is that you want to do,” Davis says.

Jaz it up plays a variety of music that people just cannot help but dance to. That combined with Davis’ choreography creates a fun atmosphere for participants. Davis admits that sometimes the turnout for the class, is not what he always what he wanted, especially considering all of the energy that goes into choreographing.

“A lot of people do not understand that it takes a lot of time, commitment, and dedication,” Davis says.

However, Davis appreciates that people are willing to accept his help to have a healthier lifestyle.

“Tie your hair up, wear exercise clothes, and bring lots of water,” Davis says.

Jaz it up takes place on Wednesday nights on the Stewart Center track at 6:30 p.m.

Story by Jessica Justin, Jessic Perez, & Tyler Riedman

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