New Beginnings for USF Women’s Soccer

Story by Evan Gentry

Following a 2-15-1 season in 2014, Brittany Goosen was named the head coach of the women’s soccer program at USF in November of 2014.

Goosen plans to help foster a new era for the program. She refuses to set and team goals until she has all of her 2015 season team here on campus.  Goosen believes in the idea of “focusing individually” before setting team goals.

Goosen states her biggest challenge will be to form a 25-woman roster for this coming fall.

“The first thing I did,” says Goosen “ was get on the phone and call a bunch of club coaches.” This was her first step in forming her 2015 season team. Goosen says, “17 girls on a roster is not enough to compete in this league throughout the season.”

Understanding that change takes more than a single season, Goosen says “I don’t want to say we will only be successful if we are at .500.” She believes individual success is just as, if not more, important as team success.

Focusing her attention to the girls already on campus and training for the upcoming season, she is hopes “We need to come together as a group” in order to build a successful chemistry.

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