USF International Week Meal – Interview with Elizabeth Hildreth

University of Sioux Falls hosted their first annual international week on campus. The week consisted of activities Monday through Thursday giving students the opportunity to share and learn about different cultures.

On Monday November 17th, USF students that have studied abroad gave a brief presentation on their experience. There were 3 presentations, one for South Korea, another from Spain, and one from Greece.

On Tuesday November 18th, it was time for the International students to give a brief presentation on their own country followed by five trivia questions. USF students formed three teams and competed on the trivia proving who knows the most about foreign countries.

Wednesday November 19th, night involved a little more sweat, USF students engaged on a soccer match against International Students.

Thursday night, November 20th, some of the international students cooked some of their traditional meals and served it to 20 selected USF Students. There were plates from South Korea (Kimbab), Ecuador (ceviche, colada morada+guagua de pan), and England (Joad in a hole).

Betsy Hildreth shares more on the international meals and how they are looking to grow international week for USF as the years go on.

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