Student Senate Spring Update

Story by Dannika Nash

This month has been a crazy month for your USF Senators—we’re working on a lot of stuff to try to make the school a better place for students to live and learn. The first item of business has been planning our Lifelight concert, which happened on March 24th in our very own Stewart Center featuring Remedy Drive, VOTA, and a few other bands that came along for the ride. We’ve also made some updates to the Club Application (which anyone can pick up from the Senate Desk and fill out!) and the Club Standards, mostly making the application more simple and the standards more applicable to the clubs we currently foster. During the month of March, we spent a lot of energy trying to get some buzz going in Java now that Java City is open for business from 1-5 on Saturdays! We hosted the talented Cameron Brooks and Alex Qualm playing and singing a variety of sweet music, we hosted a wild karaoke hour, and we also enjoyed a time of poetry reading and chatting with Drs. Cole and Dyer. In the future of Java, we’re greatly looking forward to Sexual Assault Awareness week and all the enlightening activities that will come along with that.

This semester has brought some exciting changes regarding changes in our caf experience, so look forward to announcements about that. Senate has also added a few clubs to our funding recently, including the Environmental Club, which has been active and valuable to our campus already in the short month they’ve been around. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @USF_Senate, as our Social Media man Seth Lewis does an amazing job with his clever and informative updates, including live-tweeting the meetings. We also have a Facebook page now that we update very regularly.

Lastly, elections will be coming up! If you’re interested in joining Student Senate, look for signs that will come up in mid-April. Pick up a petition from the Senate Desk in Java and turn your 50 signatures into Student Development. You can also help influence your cougar experience by voting in the election for the executives! Have a say in who the next president, vice president, and secretary/treasurer are.

Finish strong, Cougars!