What It’s Like to be a Resident Assistant at the University of Sioux Falls

By Hunter Breske

There are many ways to be an impactful member of the University of Sioux Falls (USF) community, but being a Resident Assistant may be one of the most rewarding. Nick Burns, currently a junior business administration major for USF, had quite the experience last year being an RA for North Residence Hall. When asked why he initially wanted to be an RA, Burns said, “I just wanted to have more of an impact on the USF community.”

There is a lot of responsibility for an RA, especially when it comes to resolving issues brought to him by students in his hall. When dealing with student conflict, “I first assessed the situation to see if I could handle it myself, and if I couldn’t, I would get my superiors involved,” Burns said.

Although being an RA has some difficult moments, Burns felt like he had a great experience. Burns advice to future RAs? “Realize there are lots of eyes on you so lead by example, but it’s also important to have a little fun with it!”

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