USF Theater Is Back… In a Unique Way

By Devin Wolthuizen

       Classes have resumed for the fall semester at the University of Sioux Falls and although many of the University’s extracurricular activities have been put on hold for the time being, the Theatre Department has been cleared to produce a fall play in a completely new way.  For the first time, USF Theatre will be showing its fall production fully via live stream. This November, USF Theatre will be producing a relatively new play entitled “The Shakers of Mount Lebanon Will Hold A Peace Conference This Month”. 

“It’s about a Shaker community in upstate New York that is trying to figure out how to survive,” said Director of Theatre, Joe Obermueller. “There’s a group of people that think they need to be more traditional… and there’s a group of people that think they need to think about the world differently and try new things.  It’s a story about how they wrestle with those topics in order to find some commonality in the direction they’re going.”  Obermueller is most excited about promoting an opportunity for audiences to “be firm in our faith and in the things that we believe and also learn about other people and learn about what they believe without compromising our own beliefs.”

The performances of the fall production will take during November 4 -7, and will be accessible completely via livestream.  For more information, keep up with the USF Theatre on their Facebook page at this Facebook address: @theatreusf.

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