A life-changing decision for a USF graduate

By Lauren Sanders

There are many life-changing decisions college students make as they get ready to leave school and enter life. When University of Sioux Falls graduate, Augusta Thramer, was given the opportunity this past June to make a big life change, she took it.

Thramer was offered a graduate assistant position in the sports marketing department at Stetson University in DeLand, Florida. This was not only the perfect job to match her sports marketing major, but it also involved her media minor as well. Prior to this job offer, the only experience she had in marketing was an internship at Sanford while still attending the University of Sioux Falls. That internship dealt more with health care and had only given her a small taste of working with the sports department, which made her want more of it. “I wanted a career in athletics and thought this would be the perfect way to open future doors,” said Thramer. She is now able to play a bigger role at Stetson and use more of her leadership abilities. She actually deals with the sports department daily, and even oversees other student employees.

Thramer is trying to adjust to her new lifestyle in DeLand, FL as it is still fairly new. She wanted to try something new because she had never lived anywhere outside of the Midwest. Recent college graduates often experience a lot of unknowns when moving to a new state far away from home so quickly after graduation. “I had just never been to that part of Florida, so I was unsure what to expect. But to come here and see how much of a community it is, and how involved the Stetson athletic department was within the town was comforting,” said Thramer.

Thramer is gradually learning as she goes and hopes that she will be able to stay in the marketing/media area within college athletics in the future. Thramer played guard on the USF Women’s Basketball team for 4 years. She would like to stay at a smaller Division 1 school as she pursues her sports marketing career. The smaller school gives her a better reach, by being able to also work with other departments in her position. Thramer is continuing her education in the Stetson master’s program for business administration. “This experience will be very marketable for future opportunities.”

Augusta Thramer, #3 on the USF Women’s Basketball team attempts a basket against Minot State
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