University of Sioux Falls Hacky Sack Club

Story by Taryn Ceglowski

SIOUX FALLS, SD (MAY 4, 2020) – The USF Hacky Sack Club is looking for members to join their club. Any student is welcome to join in on the fun, no experience necessary. The club meets every Monday at 6:30 pm in the Quad. During the winter months, though, the club meets at the east end of the Stewart Center track. To join, just show up and have some fun.

“At Hacky Sack Club, we play hacky sack, varying in different game forms,” said new president of the club, Breena Fox. Fox will be a junior next fall and will co-run the club with fellow classmate, Maria Streed. “I enjoy it because it gave me a time to stop focusing on school and work and laugh with my friends that I gained by joining Hacky Sack.”

Stop by the Quad on a Monday night next fall to check out the Hacky Sack Club—USF’s new and up and coming club. “Hacky sack is a fun way to meet new people you might not know otherwise, get some exercise, and throw a hacky sack at your friends,” said Fox.

For more information contact Breena Fox at or Maria Streed at

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