USF Prepping for Pep Band

USF is making a new addition to their music program for the 2016 – 2017 school year. A new course called Cougar Band will be offered and will be the school’s new pep band. The new band will be playing music at USF athletic events and perform other events on campus.

“It’ll start this fall as a course. I’m going to sit down with the Josh Snyder (Director of Intercollegiate Athletics) and talk through some dates and figure out what dates we’re going to be a part of,” says USF Band and Orchestra Professor Jonathan Neiderhiser.

The course is offered to anyone who wants to play in the cougar band. Students who have a background in woodwind, brass or percussion instruments are encouraged to enroll in the course.

“You can just sign up for the course. It meets Wednesdays and Fridays from four o’clock to five-thirty and if you can’t take it as a class just come and see me to talk through it,” says Neiderhiser.

USF has tried to create pep bands in the past but they have been short-lived due to lack of members. Students and professors are hoping that this time it will stick. The pep band differs a little bit from the regular band in that it is more upbeat and modern.

“With the pep band we will be playing more modern music so probably like Uptown Funk or songs that we listen to on the radio all the time,” says USF Student and future pep band member Morgan Smith.

USF hopes the pep band will help bring energy and support to athletic competitions and other school-sanctioned events. The band’s goal is to provide a fun atmosphere for its members and the audience and is hoping to continue bringing energy and fun to USF for years to come.

Story by Zachary Brown & Tyler Reidman

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