Female Broadcasters in Sports Media | AWSM

by Augusta Thramer

What is AWSM? AWSM stands for Association for Women in Sports Media. The organization was founded in 1987 supporting women who work in the sports media industry (reporting, broadcast, editing, media relations). AWSM currently has over 1,000 members made up of women and men that work in the sports industry and college females aspiring to work in sports media.
The association has three options for membership Professional, 3-Year Professional, and Student. The student membership is one year for $25. A membership includes regional and national events where you can gain insight and connections with respected professionals in the industry. Also, the AWSM provides jobs, student chapters, internships, and scholarships to their college female members.
The mentoring program, AWSM Champions, gives students a chance to be mentored for a year be one of the professional members in the organization. Here you are able to learn from the individuals who are experienced and can help guide you through the industry. The Association for Women in Sports Media is a wonderful opportunity to connect and network with esteemed women in the sports media industry.
If you would like to read more news about the AWSM click this link.


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