Must Read Entertainment News Publications

By Jack Unruh

Are you a fan of all things movies, cinema, and theater? Do you want to keep up on the latest happenings in the world of entertainment? Here are 2 media sources that will satisfy this need and benefit students wanting to get into the business of media entertainment.

Variety is an American media publication that specializes in entertainment news, critic reviews, box office statistics, and anything to do with “show biz” (a term coined by Variety!) Starting out as a New York newspaper covering theater, Variety eventually expanded to Los Angeles and covered anything relating to motion pictures. Take a trip over to their website and you’ll see upcoming movie dates, articles from behind the scenes, and interviews with your favorite celebrities. Variety is the place to go to keep up on what’s happening! Click here to go to Variety’s website.

The Hollywood Reporter
Another great place to catch up on the latest news from the entertainment world is The Hollywood Reporter. Available online or as a magazine, the Reporter focuses on TV, production industries, and film. Want to see reviews on the new movies coming out? This is a great place to find them! Fun articles about ranking movies, filling plot holes, celebrity trends, and much more can be found in the Reporter. Their website can be found right here.

So check out these places and stay up to date on what’s going on with your favorite entertainment!

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