La Luna Cafe: Coffee shop appeals to college students

By Maddy Sook

Coffee is the most important “meal” of the day, or at least consumers treat it that way. For most, it’s important to find a unique cup of brew to kickstart the day. Thankfully, La Luna Café of Sioux Falls has been able to cater to everyone’s cravings for over half a year.

In the fall of 2019, Sal Jaimes, a USF Alum, opened La Luna Café with his parents, Salvador and Edith. Their coffee shop sits in downtown Sioux Falls and appeals to many college students and business professionals in the area, creating a modern and welcoming environment for anyone who enters.

La Luna prides itself in its specialty coffees and espressos alongside full meals, aesthetically pleasing foods such as open-faced sandwiches, and most recently, their scrumptious waffle combinations. 

Culture has always been important to Sal and his family, and to be able to bring a piece of that into La Luna is what Sal hopes to see in its near future. “My family has a Hispanic background, so being able to tie in an aspect of Hispanic influence such as burrito bowls or quesadillas would be a future goal for our family business. In the future, we would also like to feature more local art on our walls, bring in more local musicians, potentially teach some espresso machine classes, and start up our own merchandise branding with the help of local graphic designers.”

La Luna is currently open seven days a week and is located in downtown Sioux Falls at 701 N Phillips Avenue, Suite 125.

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