Welcome Week

Every fall, the University of Sioux Falls kicks off the new school year with Welcome Week. The activities of Welcome Week are geared toward bringing returning and new students together through a series of events hosted by IT, Student Development, Financial Aid, Admissions, Campus Ministries, Maintenance, Campus Safety, and more. Andrew Porteous, Director of Student Engagement and Leadership Development said, “The ultimate goal is to welcome students and supporters onto campus and to connect students with important resources on campus during that first week, as well as create a sense of community for them.”

Porteous said, “Welcome Week takes hours upon hours of preparation, in terms of logistics involved and training for our student staff.” Porteous also said preparations to welcome more than 1200students to campus begins in the prior spring semester. Many might not know that student staff members move in at least 6 days before Move-In to receive training and prepare for the incoming students.

The following events were just a few of the opportunities for students to connect during Welcome Week:

Monday, August 26 Welcome Back Bash in the Quad
Tuesday, August 27 Opening Chapel – Salsbury Science Center Plaza
Wednesday, August 28 Women’s Soccer at the USF Sports Complex Thursday, 29 Convocation – Meredith Auditorium
Friday, August 30 Free Float Friday – Cooper’s Cafe And Manic Drive at the Lifelight Festival
Saturday, August 31 Movie Night at West Mall 7 Movie Theater

With Welcome Week in hindsight Porteous reflected, “There a real ways changes to Welcome Week year after year. Sometimes it’s a matter of ‘tweaking’ a few things and sometimes it’s a complete overhaul.” Although Porteous only started at the University of Sioux Falls just a week before Welcome Week, he feels confident that this year’s events were successful and it is unlikely that any major changes will be made for next year’s Week of Welcome.

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