135th Anniversary Picnic

On September 13th, hundreds of people congregated at the University of Sioux Falls to celebrate the 135thanniversary.

“Well on September 8thwe celebrated our 135thbirthday as a university here in Sioux Falls,” USF  President Brett Bradfield says. “So we thought what better time to have a community celebration with students, faculty, staff, and our board here, and other people from the city and the extended community.”

There was also a special guest in attendance.  Sioux Falls Mayor Paul TenHaken stopped by to help USF celebrate.
“You know, really, I’m just here to say thanks, thanks to USF for the continued  investments they make in our city, their efforts to keep graduates in this city, and help with our workforce, and most importantly cranking out Christ-centered, god-centered people to go out and serve in their place of employment, and USF does that, they  to that mission, and that means a lot to me,” said Mayor TenHaken.

President Bradfield said that the celebration was a success.  Here is to the next 135 years.

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