USF Mobile App Unites Campus

Story by Miranda Cain, Yuharelly Comparan, & Theodore Frid

There’s new technology on campus of the University of Sioux Falls and it’s not another computer lab. The Cougar Activities Board at USF launched a mobile app that is available in the App Store and Google Play.

“It’s kind of like a digital planner,” CAB Public Relations Coordinator Colleen Thompson tells us.

Launched right before the 2015-16 school year began, the USF app is meant to be a place to help students be more involved on campus and more aware of the events going on in the USF community.

Thompson continues to explain, “They can see, ‘Oh this is happening next week’, ‘Oh this is happening a month from now’. And they can actually plan ahead.”

“All of people are involved in a lot of things,” says Junior Jenn Kruger. She says the app helps her stay in-touch.

Off-campus student Lydia Magaard says she likes that she still knows what’s going on, even when she’s not on campus.

Not only is the new CAB mobile app a place where students can keep up with events, but it is a way to be connected to the USF Community. Students can add classes to create their schedule and get notifications of when they have class. Similar to Facebook, there’s also ways to connect with the people who have the app with chat feeds and posting fun photos of campus events.

“It also has a section for discounts that are offered in Sioux Falls,” Thompson tells us.

A lot of people on campus aren’t aware of the offers there are around town and this page tells students where and when they can present their USF Student ID and get discounts.

“You’ve heard people say it, there’s an app for that, ‘Oh there’s an app for that’,” Thompson reminds.

And now, there’s an app for USF as a way to better unite the students and staff and enrich the college experience at USF. Just search “University of Sioux Falls” in Google Play or App Store for your free download.

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