CAB Hosts DIY Night

The Cougar Activities Board, or CAB, hosted a DIY night on Friday, March 2, where attendees were ableto socialize and make “slime.” CAB member Edwin Iraheta-Retana describes what was made.”

We made slime, except it was a no-glue slime, so it was more like a play-dough that was a little bit
softer and had more stretch to it,” Iraheta-Retana says.

CAB events are great opportunities to socialize and try different activities. Ben Heckman, USF
sophomore, explains what he enjoys about DIY nights that he’s attended.

“I really enjoy them. I like making fun little crafts, just inexpensive stuff that we can take home,”
Heckman says.

CAB events are regular occurrences on campus, each bringing something unique to students.

“Flannel Friday is coming up after spring break, and that one is a contest. So the best-dressed in flannel will win a gift card,” Iraheta-Retana says.

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