Students Premier New TV Show

Just meeting last semester, Abraham and Comparan, now seniors both had a senior project coming in the future. After finding out Comparan went to LA for a semester making films, Abraham made her a proposition for a project.


“He said he wants to do a TV show, I was like, alright, let’s see what happens. I told him keep me updated, because in my mind it’s like any type of experience is a gain,” Comparan says.


After getting the crew together, Abraham and Comparan held auditions for the actors. Junior Clara Koerner, who plays the love interest, has learned that acting on camera requires more detail than with stage acting.


“I did use my past experience with acting for it, but then I kind of had to tweak that,” Koerner says. “I found that this type of acting with the recorded film is a lot different then anything I’m used to.”


Abraham, being the creator, producer, main character and co-writer on this show says that this project is rewarding in so many ways.


“I think the most rewarding thing about this project is learning what we’re already going to be doing in the future, hopefully. And having those experiences and having a whole lot of fun,” Abraham says.


Later on filming and getting to work together, the cast and crew has become like a family.


“We’re having people that have never met me before dedicate their time, their free time to be at school and help us out with this project,” Comparan says. “It’s really heartwarming to see people there for you.”

Story by Ellie Herman | Video edited by Jade Roozenboom & Abriana Scholl