Hunting We Will Go

This year’s Easter egg hunt brought a lot of students together to search for eggs hidden around campus. Within each egg, students found prizes. This brought out the Easter spirit in students, as this past weekend was Easter break.

Lindsey Sullivan was this year’s coordinator for the event and explains the details of the event.

“With CAB [Cougar Activity Board] you can do whatever events you want to do and so at the beginning of each semester you get to plan whatever you want,” Sullivan says.

Last year CAB attempted an Easter egg hunt with actual hardboiled eggs, but this year they decided to go for an option that would not spoil.

The plastic eggs were hidden all over campus, but most could be found on the South side. About 250 eggs total were planted for students to find. As usual, candies are inside each egg, but there were also other surprises.

“We had fourteen gift cards, five to Wal-Mart, Juice Stop, and Dairy Queen,” Sullivan says.

The student who found the most eggs received a $20 gift card and a large Reese’s chocolate egg. Fifty eggs were found by Aubrey Milne in order to claim the grand prize.

Sydney Hart, a Sophomore at USF, participated in this year’s egg hunt.

“It was a good campus activity there were a lot of people there and it’s always fun to find Easter eggs,” says Hart.

CAB always has fun events happening each week. Check your USF emails for weekly updates and look around campus for posters!

Story by Raymond Bright, Jessica Justin, Jessica Perez, & Tyler Riedman

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