Oh, The Places We Will Go

The University of Sioux Falls’ Music Department began taking students on international and domestic trips since 1966. The purpose of the tours, available every year, is to give students the opportunity to display their talents in different parts of the world, while forming unforgettable friendships with their classmates.

The recent tour to New York City and Washington D.C. is a replication of the 1982 tour.

“It was one of the first choir tours that USF ever took. It was just kind of emulating, doing exactly what they did the same tour length and everything,” Brandon Record, USF sophomore, says.

During the tour, students participated in three concerts. “There were a few places where we just kind of stopped and sang. Like in the Thomas Jefferson memorial we got to sing there, which was an amazing experience,” Record says.

Tours are opportunities for students to use the world as their own classroom. Travis Balt is a junior at USF and had the opportunity to travel with choir this year.

“All the sights that we saw were just amazing everything from the Washington Monument, Jefferson Memorial, to the Empire State Building, and Rockefeller Center, and the World Trade Center,” Balt says.

The trip also allows students to strengthen their friendships and community with each another.

“We love to bond together on these trips. We love to just sing together and experience different things together,” says Balt. “It’s a great way to build community throughout the choir.”

This year was the domestic tour for students, but next year will be the international tour in Italy. Having the option to travel is something that the music department brings for students so they are able to experience the world with those around them who share similar interests.

With a reasonable price, travel opportunities are available each year for students in the music program.

If you want the opportunity to be part of this experience, you are able to audition for a music scholarship this spring.

Story by Jessica Justin, Jessica Perez, & Tyler Riedman