Preparing for Finals Week

Story by Tyler Riedman, Kristine Reiner, & Jacob VanEngen

Finals week is slowly approaching and USF student Josh Gabel has some tips to help you study for your finals.

“Finals week can be very stressful especially working a part time job for twenty hours a week then to come back to study for your tests along with keeping up with your social life” Gabel says.

So how do keep up with all the chaos in your life, well Josh Gabel might have a few things to help you stay calm and relax with your busy schedule.

“Get plenty of sleep because everyone needs at least seven to eight hours of sleep every night, when a teacher says this is important or writes in on the board then look for those things on the tests, take a break between you studying sessions so you aren’t over working yourself, just take five to ten minutes to get away from your books and let loose but then go back to studying” says Gabel.

Some other tips is to drink plenty of water, have plenty of brain food with you, study with friends who might be in the same class you are in, keep everything you receive from your class and keep it neat, and don’t miss your designated time for you finals.

If you follow these tips on how to study for any test, you will be very successful within your classes, also good luck to all of you with your tests, social life, and keeping up with everything else happening in your life now.

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