Gender Issues in Pop Music

Mariana Sanchez, a senior, shared her thoughts on how women are portrayed in pop music.

Sanchez said that she does not listen to a lot of pop music, one of reasons being because she feels that women are portrayed as sex symbols.

“The way they dress, they’re always kind of in revealing clothing,” Sanchez said.

She said that she does feel that many women pop stars do have nice voices, but she feels that the way they dress themselves is no always appropriate.

“I would hope that they would want people to respect them,” Sanchez said. “I would like to see a female pop artists that is not like the other pop artists.”

She elaborated saying that she would hope a different female pop artist would do music a little differently, but also dress differently.

Sanchez said that she feels some male rap artists do not view women in a good way.

“I feel like lot of them would just have women as a part of their song if there is a break-up or something,” Sanchez said.

She added that some male artists do praise women in their music, but others degrade women.

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