Senior Post-Graduation Plans

Graduation is two weeks away and seniors are about to make the scary plunge into the real world.

Kelsey Senden is a nursing major at USF and is looking forward to what this next chapter holds:

“After I graduate I have a class that I have to take for nursing for a week. Then I’ll be getting married on May 31st, which I’m super excited about. Then Matt (my husband) and I will go to Colorado for a week. When we come back we plan on living in Sioux Falls. I’ll be taking my nursing boards – I don’t have a job yet so I’m just applying and waiting to see what happens with that!”

Kari Lena studied Communications Studies and Theater at USF, and is fortunate to already be employed by the University:

“I got hired as an Admissions Counselor here at the University of Sioux Falls. I’m excited to get to meet with prospective students and help them come to USF!”

Brandon Madsen, a Business major, has yet to find a job, but continues to apply around to see what opens up:

“I don’t currently have any post-graduation plans. I’m currently just applying to jobs and looking around. If I get a job in Sioux Falls here that would be great, if not I’ll be looking around home as well back in Minnesota. I’m just playing things by ear and seeing where God leads me.”

Media Studies major, Jaden Beukelman has started her own business, one she looks forward to doing for many years to come.

“My plans for after graduation have actually begun now. I’ve started my own business as a wedding videographer – I’m really excited about it. It’s cool because I’m able to use the stuff I’ve learned in the media (department) in a way that I enjoy more than what I’ve been doing here at USF. I’ve also had to learn a lot about business and I’m not a business major I haven’t taken any business classes so that has really stretched me. It’s been really good and fun and going really well. I’m already booked for 6 weddings this summer. It’s a huge market and I’m working with a professional here in town who’s been helping my get started and teaching me the ropes. I’m excited to be self-employed and never have to work for anyone.”

USF has made an obvious impact on these individuals for the better.

“The biggest lesson I learned here at USF is to get to know all different kinds of people,” says Lena. “I’ve gotten to know people who I probably wouldn’t have associated myself with before college because we had different activities and interests and majors but they are the people that really shaped me during my time here. Honestly, they’re the people who prepared me for the real world.”

Senden expands upon Lena’s comment.

“I would say the biggest lesson I took is to always have people around and to have a good support system of friends that encourage you and challenge you, and to stay connected with the people that you love and love you as well.”

Beukelman adds that valuable experience outside of the classroom is highly valuable:

“The biggest thing I’ve taken from the college experience, in general, is that true experience really comes outside of the classroom and outside of the college system.”

Finally, Madsen says USF has helped his journey towards self-discovery:

“it’s a warm comforting feeling to know that when I leave here I’ll know where I want to go and how I want to live my life.”

Looks like these seniors are more ready for the real world than they thought.

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