Nordan Pass Album Release

On April 12thUSF students and well as other Nordan Pass fans were invited for a night of worship. Here’s back up vocalist Emma Snow to tell us a little more about Nordan Pass and their music.

“The album is a bunch of different things. They are saying they are desperate, desperate for God, we need you. And then there are really fun songs to pump up and jam too. God is really diverse. God has a lot of different paths in His personality, and the album shows how we can interact with Him. I hope that people take away that God is fun, He is serious, and there when we need Him.”

“It was Micah, me, and Elizabeth Enalls, Elizabeth was initially part of the group. We decided to about a year ago, to write an album” says group member Tuaka Whinegar.

“I met Tuaka last year in choir. I approached him and said ‘hey you’re from Liberia’. Liberia is neighbors the country my family were missionaries in, Ivory Coast in Africa. I wanted to get to know him because of that and he is really talented, everyone told me that Tuaka can sing. I want to know a good musician” says Nordan Pass member Micah Reierson.

“I think it’s really cool to be able to say two of my closest friends on campus are in a band and that they are using their talents to glorify God. I love being able to support them and to listen to their music. While listing to their music I love to be able to say I know them and they are doing good things for God’s kingdom” says event guest Whitney Norberg.

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