Campus Intramural Offer Something for Everyone

With the outside temperatures dropping, the opportunities to go outside and be active are decreasing as well. However, students and faculty can look forward to the intramural sport opportunities on campus. Intramural sports give students the chance to make new friendships while being physically active.
Scoot Greenman is the head of intramural sports at USF. He says that it’s an important activity to participate in.
“It’s fun to have that opportunity to be competitive and also the opportunity to partake in exercise that’s healthy and facilitate relationships,” says Greenman.
While a lot of students were active with high school sports, not all of them decided to continue that sport in college. Intramural sports allow students to continuing playing a sport they enjoy and relieve stress while doing so.
Kelsey Bageant, a junior at USF, says this isn’t her first year of participating in intramural sports.
“I enjoy it because it is really fun to be competitive and you have a lot of fun with your friends and classmates,” says Bageant.
There are team sport leagues happening year round. The leagues include volleyball, kickball, flag football, basketball, indoor soccer and softball. Different tournaments for frisbee golf, table tennis, dodge ball, monster golf and lawn games also happen throughout the year.
All students are welcome to be part of intramural sports, no special skills are required. Kickball season is around the corner, so be sure to stay on the lookout for signup sheets. For more information about intramural sports, contact Scott Greenman.

Story by Marissa Lute | Video edited by Jessica Perez & Shelby Kinney