Local Baseball Team to Host Charity Event

Culture for service is the moto at the University of Sioux and a local school is also taking part in the culture of giving.

The Lennox High School baseball team is pairing up with Tea Area high school baseball to host a charity event called “Helping Kids Round First.”

The charity program helps donate cash and baseball/softball equipment to kids in Nicaragua with a passion for the sport

The way the that the local teams are helping is that  when the two teams play fans can receive free gate admission into the game with a donation.

Head Coach for the Lennox team Drew Sweeter says “baseball is life down there, these kids will literally take anything from a broken glove to cleats with no shoe laces on them.”

The two teams participating in this event are rival teams that typically generate high admissions when they meet head to head.

Junior Baseball player for the Lennox Orioles Tyson Stoebner says “We’re big rivals but in the end we’re all trying to do some good for other communities.”

The game will take place May 2nd at 5:30 in Lennox  all are welcome to come and participate in the charity event.

If you are unable to attend there are also more ways that you can help the cause.

You can visit helpingkidsroundfirst.org there you will find a short video describing the charity along with a donation link.

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