“Donut” Fear

For most students, working a part time job isn not always the easiest task to manage between homework, extracurricular activities, a social life and maintaining a somewhat healthy lifestyle with enough sleep, nutrition and exercise. While having a part-time job in college seems to have its fair share of obvious pros and cons, finding a job that is fun may grant some relief from studies and a little extra “dough” in your pocket.

A Sioux Falls bakery that is family owned and operated offers just thata fun part-time job. Flyboy Donuts has been providing signature coffee blends and donuts to the Sioux Falls area for several years.

Ben Duenwald, the owner, says an ideal part-time job is at a donut shop, because the prime time to buy donuts works well with part-time hours; and the atmosphere is fun.

“It’s kind of like working in a candy factory. Every day is different… We come up with a lot of new flavors every day, and whenever there is a new flavor, there’s an excitement similar to when you taste a new piece of candy”, Duenwald says.

The backgrounds of the Flyboy staff of twenty people range from college students, a magician, a retiree and an oncology nurse. Duenwald, himself, didn’t even plan on making a career out of a donut shop; he has a degree in agricultural systems technology from South Dakota State University and a background in plant management.

So regardless of your major, if you are a student looking to make a little extra money during the week or if you are in the mood for something sweet, Flyboy Donuts might just have the answer you have been looking for!

Story written by Marissa Lute | Video edited by Jessica Perez & Shelby Kinney