USF Football is Selected for Playoffs for 3rd Straight Year

The NCAA playoff committee put USF in the playoffs for the third consecutive year. Head coach, Jon Anderson, says the Cougars did their best to fulfil the season goal.

“It’s not so much of how it feels for me, it was just a season long goal for the football team to be able to return and build on our tradition. These guys have worked extremely hard for the year that we’ve been together, and it’s a start of a new season for us,” Anderson says.

USF will play Midwestern State, of the Lone Star Conference, in the playoffs. Playing an out of conference team means the Cougars know very little of their opponent, and it makes preparation that much more important.

“It’s hard to tell because we have no common opponents. It’s a new conference that we don’t have a good feel of. Everybody that we see in this league, we see them year round, so there’s really no hidden secret,” Anderson says.

While scouting, coach Anderson says the opposing team has some good athletes and some speed that USF players haven’t seen before, as an overall team. But evaluating and preparing is all he says they can do.

“So we’ve been evaluating schemes. I don’t think they’ve seen a team like us that’s going to be physical on both sides of the football. A little bit of compare and contrast and styles and philosophies is all it is,” Anderson says.

“It’s exciting to get out of a league and go face a new opponent.”

USF plays next week with hopes of bringing another win to Cougar Nation.

Story written by LaShe Tatum | Video edited by Grant Sweeter, Tucker Stout, & Jeffery Harman

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