The Rhythm Behind the Stars

More goes into a dance routine then meets the eye. With the dancers in the spotlight, many people overlook the people behind the technical dance moves.

The choreographers of USF’s Dancing with the Stars make their vision a reality with the help of their dancers. Jaz Davis, USF sophomore, has a background in choreography and works hard to represent his style through his dancers.

“I sort of had a lot of choreographing background in regard to fitness, Zumba, and dance party fitness,” Davis says. “I really try to be open to a lot of other people, but at the same time still have my own input on it because with every choreographing situation you sort of have to have a picture and a vision of what you want to do.”

Thea Feterl was a choreographer last year and says she tries to incorporate her creativity in different dance moves.

“It’s different every year because you have different skill levels that people come in with and then you have different tricks that they can do that you can work with,” Feterl says. “It kind of varies who the people are and who you get and what kind of cool things you can do with the different talents that they have.”

Dancing with the stars was a three-week event showcasing student’s talents through performance and techniques from creative choreographers.

Gillian Cheney and Ian Doyle are this year’s winners. Dancing with the stars will be back, spring 2018, for season 4.

Story by Raymond Bright, Jessica Justin, Jessica Perez, & Tyler Riedman

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