Pazaz: Leaping with Agility

Story by Miranda Cain, Yuharelly Comparan, & Theodore Frid

Hebrew for “to leap with agility”, Pazaz is name to a worship dance group on campus.  And after 8 years of dancing, Pazaz is finally becoming an official club on the campus of the University of Sioux Falls.

Just after beginning her career at USF, Math Professor Joy Lind had a vision. After meeting with a few students from her classes, Pazaz was born. Starting as a lyric dance group, Pazaz has grown in it’s time on campus and gives USF students an outlet for their creativity and passion for dance and God.

In her vision for this dance group Lind explains what Pazaz is about.

“We characterize it as a worship dance group or a dance team, and what we mean by that is the music is always Christian.” Lind shares.

Not only did Lind foster the creation of this dance group, but she continues to have an active role by exercising as the group facilitator, helping coordinate practice time and space, as well as arranging performances for Pazaz.

Lind continues, “The styles vary. Sometimes lyrical, sometimes ballet. They’re doing a hip-hop this time actually. So the reason we call it a worship dance team is because that’s the objective of these dances–is to glorify God”

Though Lind has a strong presence within the group, all the decisions about choreography and the dances themselves are student lead.

Dancer Jami Neumiller who says dance has been a part of her life for a long time, says she enjoys her time with Pazaz.

“I like that it’s not a competition here. It’s nice to just do it for fun” Neumiller explains.

Be on the look out for Pazaz performances at USF Chapel services as well as local events and churches.

Though currently an exclusively girls’ group, Pazaz is always looking to grow their following and participation. For anyone, male or female, who has an interest in dance, and a passion for God, you are encouraged to contact student leader Marianna Brawand via email at



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