USF Virtual bookstore

With the start of a new year students are always looking for a faster and easier way to buy their books.

The University of Sioux Falls virtual bookstore started this fall with the purpose to create a more convenient system for their students to be able to buy their books from the comfort of their home.

Jennifer Knutson, a bookstore employee, says they decided to move into a more virtual set after doing some research with other schools that have already adapted this new setting. She believes it’s the perfect setting for students –

“Its hard for small bookstores like us to compete with amazon and some of the big retailers so this is a way for students to basically to do one stop shopping they can login and they can see rental purchases, they can do use, they can do new, they can buy our of the market place all in one place so its very convenient for students to do”, says Knutson.

The Virtual bookstore has proven to be an advantage specially for incoming freshman that are buying books for the first time. Alexandria Scott, a freshman, admits she was a little confused as an incoming freshman on how and where to buy books until someone told her about the virtual bookstore, “then somebody told me about this online bookstore so I went to check it out and it was pretty cool”, she says.

The website is friendly use, and with only a few clicks away any student can find the books they need for their specific class.

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