New Athletic Director at USF

Story by Miranda Cain

The University to Sioux Falls has declared Josh Snyder as the new Athletic Director.

Beginning May 1st, Snyder will step into his new role at USF and the administration on campus is looking forward to having him on staff.

“He’s been different places. He’s learned different things” Interim Athletic Director Pam Gohl tells College Week. He has a lot of experience and USF is looking to take advantage of that. “He has the energy and the drive to take this athletic department to another level” Gohl says.

As the first candidate that was brought to campus, Assistant Athletic Director Taro Fujimoto says that Snyder left a great impression as the week continued and the committee met the other candidates.

“To start a process that was an entire week, to leave an impression when people were still thinking about you as of Friday when you came Monday I think was a very big help for him” Fujimoto says.

Originally from Sioux City, Iowa, Synder hoped that a position at USF would bring him closer to home and the USF Athletics administration is excited about his family orientation, and his devotion to his Christian faith.

“He just likes to get things done and make sure everything’s successful so I think he’ll be a really good fit for us” Fujimoto credits. Synder left an impression of being detail orientated and organized when he met with USF representatives and Adminstrators like Fujimoto and Gohl look forward to the way that will contribute to the USF Athletics Programs.

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