Jamaica (Kroske) Wins Campus Winter Olympics

Story by Joey Russo

USF Olympics sprinted along last week with events at various places throughout Sioux Falls. Returning to the Olympic schedule this year, Curling happened early on in the week at the Sioux Falls Ice and Rec Center. For those who don’t know what curling is, it involves sliding massive stones across the ice in order to gain points. Also returning to the schedule is Broomball, which is tamer version of hockey.

Attendance for events this year has increased from last year, with students showing a higher level of interest in the Games. Ashley Maturan said

that figure skating is always a well attended event.

“We have had a lot of feedback of people signing up for pairs figure skating which is always a highlight of the games because a lot of them can’t skate, which is a joy to see,” Maturan says.

When asked which is her personal favorite event of the USF Olympic Games, Maturan said that shooting and snowshoeing are up there on her list.

“That’s tough…Honestly, I think my favorite event this year was the Biatholon yesterday at the Outdoor Campus. We did snowshoeing and shot bb guns, which was pretty fun.”

College Week caught up with some students at the Olympic Broomball Event and asked them what their strategies were to win against their opponents.

“Pass it among ourselves and whoever doesn’t have the ball, go for the shins.”

Alex Heinert, a member of the Alumni and Faculty team, New Zealand, is proud of what his team is capable of.

“I think we’re tied with third place with Oman and we’ve won a couple of Gold medals and have had good participation from the Alumni, Faculty and Staff,” Heinert says.

With all games, whether Olympic or not, they eventually come to an end and a winner and loser is proclaimed. Ashley Maturan, as head of International Olympic Committee of USF, proclaimed the winner of the 2014 USF Games to ecscatic applause.

“And for the first time in Olympic History, Jamaica (Kroske Hall) has won the Winter Olympics.”

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