Life as a Student Athlete

Balancing classes, jobs, and a social life are difficult tasks for any student. When athletics are added into the equation, time management becomes essential for student athletes to be successful in and out of the classroom.

Jordan Achterberg, a sophomore at the University of Sioux Falls, is a nursing student as well as a track and field athlete. “I think the hardest part of being a student athlete is definitely the time management,” says Achteberg.

Nick Stanke, a redshirt junior at USF, talks about balancing football and his nursing courses. He thinks it is a hard task to organize yourself to get everything done, but it is worth the effort.

“The relationships that you build on a team through teammates is something that you will remember forever,” says Stanke.

“The hardest part would just be trying to figure out when to get everything done,” says Stanke.

Brad Van Kalsbeek, an Accounting professor supports students in their full time academic and athletic performances.

“Our student athletes have been very responsible, so it hasn’t been difficult,” says Van Kalsbeek.

“I think the best part is how rewarding it is. I’m pursuing a career that I’m super excited to start, and I’m also participating in something that I really love,” says Achterberg.

Being a full time student athlete at USF may be hard, but in the end it is worth the reward.

Story by Adria Botella, Jessica Justin, & Jessica Perez

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