USF College Week Spotlight: Seth Korte

For University of Sioux Falls Freshman Seth Korte, it’s just another day in the life of a media major.

A Sports Management and Media Studies double major, Korte has quickly accustomed himself to the USF media program.

“For College Week, I am a news anchor,” says Korte. “I run the sports every other week and I also am in charge for interviewing people for the Java Talk portion of College Week”

It’s safe to say he’s taken to it exceptionally well.

“College Week has been just a great experience,” says Korte, when asked what his experience has done for him. “Obviously, being a media studies major and wanting to pursue being a sports broadcaster in my future, it’s been great to be involved in something that actually has a lot of meaning behind it.”

But there’s more to life than studies for the freshman.

“I like to shoot hoops around in the gym, workout—stuff like that to stay active, says Korte. I also like to go over to [Jeschke Hall] to practice piano because I do music on the side, as well. So, I do that, hang out with friends and try to get involved on campus, too.”

As Korte looks back at the semester, there’s no doubt he’s had fun. Unfortunately, he will not be returning for the 2014 Fall Semester as being closer to family and friends, and more affordable tuition, has drawn him to his hometown University of Nebraska-Lincoln. However, Korte hopes his year as a Cougar will give him a step up as he enters the Cornhuskers’ Media program.

“It’s been a good experience,” he concludes. “I love the hands on experience I get to have. It’s definitely gotten easier as the semester has gone on, but it’s a lot of fun. I work with a lot of great people.”

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